As much as the benefits of raw chilli

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Raw pepper is a very popular vegetable. Every day we get raw chilli on hand. Don’t know all the medicinal properties of raw chilli.

1. Raw pepper acts as a digestive tract. Reduce the amount of solder in the cooking oil. There will be no digestive problem.

2. Raw chilli contains enough vitamin A. This vitamin helps keep bones, teeth and mucus membranes good.

3. Raw pepper Vitamin C is very good for the skin. Besides, the sacrificial line of the mouth is not allowed to read.

4. Raw pepper is rich in antioxidants. It protects against fever, cold and cough. Increases immunity as well.

5. Raw chillies reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Neuroscience serves as a cure and a source of chronic neurological illness.

6. Endorphin is the happy hormone in the brain when you eat raw chilli.

7. Raw chillies capable of fighting cancer. Its antioxidant content also keeps the body away from various chronic diseases and infections.

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