At the end of the week, transactions increased on the DSE

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The Dhaka Stock Exchange started trading in the week following a downward trend in indices and transactions. Transaction volume increases in the middle and end of the week. However, there are mixed reactions to the index. Weekly transactions increase by Tk. The index is down by 5 points.

On the first working day of the week, the transaction was done at DSE on Sunday. Which is less than Tk 10.5 million on the last working day of the previous week. That day, the index was 1,2,212 points. This amount of transactions and indexes is the lowest throughout the week.

The second working day leads to transactions and indices. In the third working day, the transaction rose to Tk 8.22 billion. On that day, the index was 1,2,2 5 points. This amount of transactions and indexes is highest throughout the week. Fourth working day, the transaction decreased slightly. Reduced index too. The fifth and last working day of the transaction increases again. The index also increases.

Last week, the share price of 540 out of 100 companies traded. Shares of Mutual Funds were reduced by 100 and remained unchanged.

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