Electrical goods market full of unmanned equipment

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Bangladesh is wasting huge amounts of money every year by importing low quality electric materials. Besides, consumers are being cheated regularly because they do not have a clear idea about the quality of electric products and other products.

Domestic institutions feel that the government needs to monitor the market more closely with the setting up of tariffs and tax structures. Otherwise, production will not be guaranteed even if production is increased.

Almost every day, the national grid is enriching to generate electricity. Consistently, new populations are coming under electricity. It is touching the changes in economic life as well as the quality of life of the people.

But under the lamp, the market for electrical goods in the country, such as darkness, is still filling up on unpaid low-cost equipment. Unauthorized electric wire production is not being stopped even after the innovative initiatives of domestic companies. Imported low quality bulbs, cables, switches, sockets are entering the market without any scrutiny.

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