Farmers in the face of huge losses in floods

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Farmers suffer huge losses from floods in different districts of the country. He has become sleepless as the harvest of hardship falls. Being settled in the river Basavita has to stay under open sky. Roads were damaged due to communication. Lack of pure water, sufferers suffer from cholera, diarrhea and water-borne diseases.

Gaibandha: In Gaibandha, seven lakh people of seven upazilas are living in a human life through water shutdown. Someone left the house and took shelter on the dam. Someone took the place to the shelter. Crops and fish were severely damaged. The figure is estimated to be around 1 crore. Communications have been disrupted due to breaking of roads at various places. There has been a severe crisis of food and pure water.

Jamalpur: Twenty thousand hectares of crop was lost in a week due to floods in Jamalpur. In the district Bakshibazar, Dewanganj, Islampur, Melandah, Madarganj, Sarisabari and Sadar Upazila, Ropa Aman seedlings, aus, jute, chilli, banana, sugarcane and maize have been severely damaged.

Chandpur: More than 200 settlements of five villages have been dissolved in the river in the last two days at Chandpur, a remote village of Chandpur. Someone is removing the last Sambalutaku. Charwasir is spending humanitarian days under the open sky.

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