Real Madrid won

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Real Madrid saw their first win of the pre-season. They lost to Arsenal 3-2 in a penalty shootout. The match was 2-2 goals till the time. In another match, Bayern Munich scored a hard-fought 3-1 victory over AC Milan.

FedEx Field in Maryland. Real Madrid and Arsenal face off in the pre-season International Champions Cup. The Gunners are confident in winning two consecutive matches. And in the first match the bitterness of the real looking for the desired win. So from the beginning of the match, the two teams have been counter-attacking.

In the 5 minutes of the match, fouls came in the referee’s eyes. He then had to leave the field for two minutes after getting a yellow handball in the DBOX. As a result, Real became a team of ten. On the other hand, Arsenal get a penalty. From there, Lakajet scored the goals.

Then in 20 minutes, Abameyang extended the gap to Arsenal. And in despair, the Madridista camp.

Socrates left the field after seeing a red card in the match for a foul in the 8th minute. As a result, Arsenal also became a team of ten.

After the break, Gareth Bell, who was in talks for five minutes, revealed his existence. Los Blancos reduced the interval by a goal.

Five minutes later, Ascencio scored a goal and returned to par.

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