The impact of the flood on the raw market!

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Floods have been impacted across the country in the capital market. The price of almost all vegetables has increased from Rs. And the price of raw chilli has risen to a hundred bucks a pound. Vendors claim prices have risen in the supply crisis. The same reason shows that fish are being sold at higher prices.

Bengali cuisine without raw pepper – can not think. Suddenly the price of this commodity has increased from Rs. Sellers excuse to increase the prices of all kinds of vegetables in the flood.

One buyer said that raw pepper was bought at Tk 20, Lotti at Tk 5.One seller said the price of vegetables had risen due to floods.

Natural disasters have also affected the fish market. The price of indigenous fish increased to Tk 1,500 per kg, with Kalibaus 1, Desi Putty 1, Pabda 3, Large Rupchanda 3, Watsi 3 and Kangki fish being sold at Rs.

Meanwhile, the price of beef has increased by Rs 5 per kg and cucumber is being sold at Rs. 500 to Rs. But the price of chicken is not increased. The broiler is available at Tk 5 per kg and large coke chicken from Tk 20 to Tk 20.

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