Work started to protect Jhaubagan on Cox’s Bazar beach

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The government has begun taking steps to protect the beaches of the Cox’s Bazar, which is in danger of being submerged. Meanwhile, Geo Bags are being removed to prevent the erosion of the seabed and the disappearance of Zhaubhagan.

Locals claim that the construction of long-term tourist-friendly embankments and the construction of jhaugas will be used to protect the city and protect the Zhaubagan. But survey work is underway for long-term planning to protect Cox’s Bazar beaches and zoobagans and initiatives are being taken to create new zoos, the Water Development Board and the Forest Department said.

As the sea level rises, the sea breeze is fading into a sea breeze that enhances the beauty of Cox’s Bazar. Beach roads are broken. During this monsoon season, the erosion in Bali has intensified and disappeared, with more than 3 hundred jhaugas. At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council held on July 7, the Prime Minister directed to protect Zhaubagan and create more gardens.

Since then, the water development board has started to struggle. In the meantime, Geo Bag has begun work to prevent erosion and wreckage. Which will be dropped from the Laban point of the beach to the Diabetic point. However, the locals claim; Geo bags are not protecting the city and protection of zoos, but the creation of Zhaugas with long-term tourist-friendly dams.

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